Recent grad from UC San Diego with a B.S. degree in Cognitive Science, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction. An innovative leader and problem solver, I aim to understand and create expansive designs that give users a memorable experience. Through working with diverse individuals with multi-disciplinary skills, I gained leadership and further understanding of the design process, functionality, and concrete origins of usability. I am a thoughtful and effective communicator that enjoys collaborative thinking and problem-solving. I also like taking calculated-risks in adverse situations for the sole purpose of improvement and adaptability. I believe that teamwork brings out important necessities in character development, reliability, and resilience. ​​​​​​​
     Upon moving to the United States at age 7, I have always had this love for creation and implementation of design to bring together different groups of people. It started with the intertwining interest of design, technology, and science that bound together the connective tissue of creation. My journey began in 2009 when YouTube was at it's early stages. It would spark my creations in graphic design for content creators using Adobe Photoshop which led the combination of video editing and graphic design to create finished products. My interest would also increase as I explored 3D modeling software in Cinema 4D and create renders of buildings, vehicles, and abstract figures. It was then that I knew I had to pursue a career in design and interaction. 
     Much later in college I would decide to major in Cognitive Science, specializing in Human Computer Interaction. This combination of the human cognition system and the way we interact with computers helped me expose myself to the design process and how the user experience and interface affects people's decision making process. Being involved in Interaction Design as a team member  made me realize that the process of implementing designs required diligent work and group effort. Finding common ground between team members and schedules helped benefit projects. Having the voice to stand up to bias and find equality in design helps navigate through treacherous pathways and gives everyone the experience they deserve on the platform that they love. 
​​​​​​​Personal Interests
Outside of design, my interests include cycling, running, hiking, photography, and cooking BBQ!


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