Hello! I recently graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Cognitive Science, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction. I chose this degree because of my passion in understanding the uses of technology and how it affects us as human beings. I focus on human centered design to create applications that not only assist us, but also helps us progress forward whether it be through efficiency or enigmatic expressions. I aspire to not only help accelerate tasks and processes, but also join diverse groups of individuals that contribute strengths, find weaknesses, and collectively expand compassion and ethical applications. I identify my strengths through attention-to-detail, communication, and project management.     
     An innovative leader and problem solver, I aim to understand and create expansive designs that give users a memorable experience. Through working with diverse individuals with multi-disciplinary skills, I gained leadership and further understanding of the design process, functionality, and concrete origins of usability. I am a thoughtful and effective communicator that enjoys collaborative thinking and problem-solving. I also like taking calculated-risks in adverse situations for the sole purpose of improvement and adaptability. 
​​​​​​​Personal Interests
Outside of design, my interests include going on long runs, cooking delicious steaks, and participating in triathlons! More details about my steak interests include the use of a Traeger and the perfect cut of ribeye (medium rare!).​​​​​​​


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