MTX Transportation was a hands-on design project that focused on design as a political activity. It questioned how differently designed objects and environments perpetuate or interrupt status quo. It was a requirement to examine design, architecture, media activism, and workday life to complete this project. We also had to examine ambiguous problems, take and give feedback, and create prototypes to engage communities and broader publics. 
MTX Transportation was a revamped design of the current transportation system at UC San Diego. It explores the deep issues of the effects of overcrowding on commuting students. We designed and directed a campaign that aimed to publicize the issue by creating a    “start-up” company that gives students the ability to reserve their own seats competing with the current transportation system, MTS. This project required documentation and prototyping, storyboard, a campaign tagline/slogan, designing a website, creating a mock-app with UI capabilities, and flyers given to students at various locations on campus.​​​​​​​

Flyer of MTX Transportation showcasing mock-app UI, designed by Joshua Paz. 

Mock application created in Adobe XD. The app would display the student pass in-use, purchase history, and reserve seating information. Upon buying the ticket, the student can type in their route #, seat selection with highlights, and date of reservation. 

Abbreviation of Student Pass with color scheme provides user easy access to different viewing pages and also understand purchase history at a quick glance. Figure (2) is expressed with typing in desired route number, seat selection (with highlight), date of reservation, and service.

Full Report down below:
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