At the beginning of each zap, the user is presented with a full charge to indicate that the search is in their control. Full charge means that it will present everything that possibly relates to the user's search. A large search bar helps the user understand and visually see what they are typing clearly and shrinks in size as they increase the amount of text they type. Users can lead the charge and zap it. 
As the user types, the battery charge either stays full with a wide search, or decreases if something they are searching doesn't have that much information. It provides real time tracking and estimation before the user completes their search. 
After zapping "Boba places in Kansas City", the user is displayed a unique list of their search. They can easily traverse through the screen, select the store with either the best review, closest to them, or both and head towards some delicious boba. No extra gimmicks or clutter. Straight to the point of zapping it. 
They are provided an easy to read screen to traverse through. They are even given some pictures of the boba store to see a short glimpse before trying it.
After searching it, it gives a meter of the level of satisfaction people have had with the place, with full reviews giving 100% satisfaction guarantee. There is also a scroll bar for the user to navigate if they don't like the choices. The texts are simple and shows important information to the user. If the user wants to navigate away from the page, they can simply click the battery to go back to full charge, or simply click on the search bar and type away. The visual cues help the user understand better the things they are searching, whether it be hotels, restaurants, clothing stores, or whatever goes in their mind. 
Simple. Effective. Zap it. 
Alternative Interface with smaller battery icon. More contrast for visibility is included with deleted box for search icon. Versatility of interface could be anointed with a pull-down tab from the far right for sign-in purposes and account creation. 
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