I wanted to create a new image for the water bottle that made it more intriguing, yet simple and straight to the point. The purpose of this re-design is to adjust the appearance and branding to make it more accessible and understandable to the general population. Water is an important resource to us all and I believe that having a binding concept of water consciousness and environmental protection could lead to a better future. Understanding the materials used to create products could help enhance efficiency and production.
Available.com: a billboard service that connects you with boards across the United States of America. My idea was to simplify the notion of setting ads wherever available, giving you the easy option of 1) finding the location, 2) uploading your desired image/advertisement as long as it upholds to the guidelines and community rules, and 3) set a description of what your ad is, general population that relates to your ad, and anything else you'd like available.com to know. 
The process is simple. You simply search for the location you'd like to place your advertisement in or select an existing billboard and request to place your ad there. It could either be electronic or manual billboards for ad placement. You can also view available resources that can give tips where ads are seen the most. Lastly, you can make an account or login and view existing ad placements and decide if you want to move ad locations or even add more. This gives the user accessibility to the system and visually enables you to view existing advertisements for present or future use. 
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